Friday, May 3, 2013

My Favorite Irish Actors

Warning! This post is completely subjective! These are my favorite Irish actors. I don’t expect them to be everyone else’s I am sure my tastes are different from others. As you can tell, my favorites tend to have been in at least one sci-fi/fantasy movie or TV show.
#5 James Nesbitt- I first saw James Nesbitt in the BBC show Jekyll and I only grew to like him more as Bofur in The Hobbit movie.

  #4 Jack Gleeson-Jack Gleeson plays the sadistic King Joffrey on HBO’s Game of Thrones and he is so good he makes it easy to hate him.

#3 Liam Neeson-Liam Neeson was Qui-Gon Jinn when I saw him for the first time in Star Wars. Since then, he has appeared in Clash of the Titans and Taken and my love for him continues to grow.

#2 Aidan Turner- Aidan Turner has played two characters that I love; Kili in The Hobbit and Mitchell in the UK version of the Being Human TV series. When I learned that he was going to be in the upcoming Mortal Instruments movie, he cemented his place as number two in my heart.

#1 Jonathan Rhys Meyers- I first fell in love with him as Joe in Bend It Like Beckham and my love has only grown through the years as I’ve seen him in August Rush and The Tudors and his appearance in the upcoming Mortal Instruments movie has sealed the deal. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the best!

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